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What Governors Do

The Governing Body at Aston by Sutton

Mr John Baldacchino (Parent) 03/12/13 to 02/12/17 - Chair

Mrs Louise Okell (Co-Opted) 05/06/15 to 04/06/19 - Vice Chair

Mrs Anna Plant (Head Teacher)

Miss Kathryn Wright (Staff) 15/10/15 to 14/10/19

Mrs Tina Horsefield (Non-Teaching Staff) 8/10/13 to 7/10/17

Mrs Hilary Jones (LA Labour) 09/05/12 to 12/09/20

Ms Claire Cavanagh (Parent) 17/10/12 to 9/11/20

Mr Andrew Shaw (Parent Co-Opted) 05/06/15 to 4/06/19

Mrs Sarah Williams (Co-Opted) 09/11/16 to 08/11/20

Register of Interests : A Plant (relationship to a school  uniform providor).

L Okell (relationship to another Governor).

A Shaw (relationship to another Governor).

Governor Attendance

Please see the following document as a record of attendance for governors at meetings.

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